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Clinic Managment System

DOCTRONIC is made to make your medical life easier and simpler. It is a revolution to digitise all your medical records so that you never have to carry and deal with loads of papers and files again. You can officially forget them now!!! It is the medium between patients, doctors, labs and any other parties required to know the records. You can share your reports without even carrying them. Clicking pictures to capture your memorable moments is history. Now, click to capture your medical history! You, not only, can view and share your reports but review them any time as well. What’s more? Patients can do all the usual stuff like rating a doctor, booking/rescheduling/cancelling an appointment, tracking their history. Doctors do get their own scheduler, which means they manage their appointments and schedule on-the-go. Doctors can know everything about the visiting patient before the patient arrives. DOCTRONIC is meant to connect everything related to health, from doctors to reports to labs to patients, right at your thumbs.

Why choose Us?

DOCTORBecause we are Reliable.

For doctors it provides easy way to manage Time and Schedule and provides Full medical records access/trail for both patients and doctors.It also increases medical staff efficiency.

Why choose Us?

PATIENTSWe provide comfort zone for Patients.

Doctronic provides reduced human errors and increased patient safety.It also provides online appointments and full medical records access/trail for both patients and doctors.

Why choose Us?

DIAGNOSTIC LABSMake our Customers Happy.

Doctronic is a complete LIS for independent, diagnostic and research labs of all sizes, from single to multi facility. All routine lab tasks are managed, including order entry, result entry, barcodes, user-definable reports, online lab report printing and analyzer interfaces, to name a few.